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It is extremely important that all stakeholders are trained on and respect certain interview guidelines.

Candidate experience is your talent’s perception of the hiring process, from sourcing, to screening, interviewing, hiring and onboarding. A great candidate experience can significantly bring down your hiring time & costs and have a very positive impact on your employer brand. Here are some easy ways that can significantly improve your candidate experience:


Write clear and concise job advertisements

The aim of a job description is to attract the right pool of talent by giving them an overview of the role, why they would love it and what skills they require to succeed in it. The best job advertisements successfully bring this to the forefront by focusing only on important elements of the role rather than trying to state all the things the candidate needs to cover. Sometimes requirements also tend to be too generic in the hopes that keeping requirement broad would attract a larger pool of talent. While this may happen, your job advertisement may end up being less compelling to your ideal pool of candidates.


Respect their time

Screening & interviewing are major parts of the hiring process and also play a big role in defining the candidate’s experience. There is no point attracting great candidates into the hiring process if they are then turned off by the screening process. Responding to applications in a timely manner goes a long way in keeping your prospective talent actively engaged in your process. Similarly, being more than 5 minutes late for a candidate interview conveys that your talent is not your priority and will turn off talented and in-demand candidates.


Ensure your interview process is cohesive

Interviews often involve multiple stakeholders and it is extremely important that all stakeholders are trained on and respect certain interview guidelines such as being punctual, going through the candidate profile prior to the interview and maintaining a similar interview tone so that the candidate gets a cohesive experience.


Give feedback

Rejecting candidates is part of the hiring process. Unfortunately, many companies don’t do this well and hence erode their candidate experience and employer brand. The worst thing you can do is not to give feedback to a jobseeker who has interviewed with you. Ideally, you should turn down candidates you have interviewed over a quick phone call. This is more likely to leave a positive impression and lead them apply to you again in the future and recommend you to their network. At the very least, all interviewed candidates should get a personalized email stating the reasons why you turned down their candidature and letting them know you may be in touch in the future if a more suitable opportunity comes up.

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