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What is Snaphunt?

What does matching for jobs mean?

How does an incomplete profile affect me?

I am a Fresh Graduate with no professional experience. What do I fill in for “Total Work Experience”?

There are no jobs (“0 Jobs”) matched to me.

My profile strength is weak. How can I make my profile stronger?

I have completed the screening. What’s next?

I was not matched to the job I applied for and now I don’t see any matching jobs on my dashboard.

I received an email saying I am matched to a job.

My application was not retained for a role.

I had all the pre-requisites mentioned in the job description. Why was I not matched to the role?

I thought I would be good at the role. I got a pretty quick rejection with very little feedback as to why.

Why does it still show “0 Applications” on my dashboard when I have submitted my CV a few times successfully?

I saw your ad in a jobsite, but could not find it after logging into the Snaphunt.

How would I know if jobs listed are open to foreigners as well?

Are there any humans doing the matching?

Do you also help older candidates find jobs?

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