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There are some simple tricks that you can employ to make the most visual impact in the interview.

As the workforce becomes more mobile and recruiting becomes more automated, video interviews are becoming more common place than ever before. Here are some tips to prepare for your next video interview:


Get your equipment and connection sorted

Ensure your device is connected to a power socket and you do your interview from a place where have a strong internet connection. While this may seem basic, many an interview has been cut short due to low battery or a poor internet connection. If you have been invited for an interview on a platform you have not used before, try it out a couple days before to ensure you know how to access your video interview. Finally, keep your mobile phone on silent so that it doesn’t interrupt you during your interview.


Check angle, background & light

It is always difficult to make the same impact on video as you can make in person. However, there are some simple tricks that you can employ to make the most visual impact in the interview. Firstly, ensure there is adequate light and ideally sit with the light facing you so that your image is bright on video. Also, find a place to sit where the background is as plain as possible to avoid visual distractions. Finally, adjust the angle of the video so that your shoulder and arms are visible, and you can gesture naturally during the interview. If possible, position your camera so that it is at a slightly higher height than your head and angled slightly downwards to get the most flattering angle.


Dress for impact

Like in an in-person interview, it is important to always dress professionally for a video interview. However, unlike in-person interviews, it is best to avoid black or white in video interviews as they make for a very jarring visual impact. Avoid prints and stripes for the same reasons. Softer solid colours such as deep grey, navy blue, light blue etc. work best.


Do your interview in a quiet place

It is imperative to do your interview in a quiet place and avoid any background noise. If some residual background noise is unavoidable, consider using a headset so that you can hear/be heard properly.


Keep a few things within easy reach

Keep a glass of water, some tissue, a copy of your CV, a notebook and a pen within easy reach so that you are comfortable and have everything you may need during the interview.


Do a dry run

There is a lot to consider when doing a video interview. Try and do a dry run on video with a friend at least a day in advance so that you can course correct as required and move on to preparing common interview questions etc.

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