Why self-doubt could be good for your career

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We have all faced self-doubt at some point in our lives. Too much self-doubt can hold you back in life, by stopping you from seizing opportunities and making it harder to bother start and finish new things.

A smaller dose of self-doubt, however, can be really good for your personal development and professional career. Here are 3 reasons why a bit of self-doubt may actually propel you forward:

A small dose of self doubt can propel you forward in your career.


Keeps you motivated to learn & improve

Being excessively confident about your knowledge or skill in any area can keep you from questioning your assumptions and exploring new possibilities. This can make your skills or knowledge stagnate over time. Doubting yourself at times can spur you into action and open you up to learning new skills or questioning status quo, allowing you to unlock new opportunities to improve or innovate.


Makes you more open to input

If you believe you know everything, you are less likely to seek inputs of others. A bit of self-doubt makes you more naturally inclined to seek inputs and opinions of others and hence make smarter decisions. Furthermore, your colleagues will value the fact that you seek out their points of view and are more likely to behave more collaboratively with you.


Keeps you humble and grounded

A healthy dose of self-doubt usually means you are likely to take your ego out of the equation. This allows you to look at tough situations more objectively and seek out learning opportunities from them. You are also more likely to acknowledge your mistakes and take on board constructive feedback. This make you much more coachable, inspires trust and provides you with countless opportunities to continue to grow as an individual.

So, the next time you feel ‘out of your depth’, stop worrying and use it as a propeller to improve and learn new things. It may just be the best thing that happened to you.

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