5 ways you might be sabotaging your career

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Criticizing your boss to colleagues is a dangerous thing.

Have you been passed over for that promotion that you thought was in the bag? Do you feel that your company is not recognizing your value? You may be making the situation worse and sabotaging your chances for career success at your current organization without even realizing it.


Criticizing your boss

We all have times where we disagree or are unhappy about how our boss handles a particular situation. However, criticizing your boss to colleagues is a dangerous thing. Firstly, it makes you feel even more negative about things as when you criticize you are focusing on the issue rather than brushing it aside. Worse still, your boss will end up realizing that you disapprove of him/her as these things have a way of getting around even if nobody expressly tells your boss anything. This can erode trust and hamper any likelihood of them acting as a sponsor for your career growth.



Venting your dissatisfaction to colleagues who seem to understand does nothing to solve the problem and also pulls others down with you. Furthermore, chronic complainers are viewed as unproductive, resistant to change and untrustworthy by colleagues and superiors (after all, you may turn around and complain about them too!). None of these traits bode well for your future career and you are much better off being part of the solution rather than simply highlighting the problem.


Believing you have all the answers

It is great to be solution oriented and have answers, however, it is equally important to take inputs from your peers and bosses to arrive at smarter decisions. Not taking inputs from others can make you come across as arrogant and a poor team player- not qualities that make a future leader.


Feeling inferior

While arrogance is a saboteur, so is too much self-doubt or a feeling of inferiority. Feeling inferior can hold you back from voicing your opinions, embracing new opportunities or taking on roles with more responsibilities. Accepting that we all make mistakes and is it ok to make mistakes, be wrong and learn new things can help you overcome your feeling of self-doubt and get your career back on track.


Wearing your emotions on your sleeve

We spend lots of time at work and it becomes an important part of our lives. However, taking work personally can start hampering your ability to continue to grow. If you find yourself losing your temper or having heated exchanges with colleagues on a difference of opinion on work related matters, it may be time for you to step back and look at the bigger picture. Losing your cool can erode your professional relationships and adversely impact your career so that even if you win, you lose.

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